Solar Mobility Solutions

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Off-grid solar mobility solutions are plug and play small-scale solar-powered kits which generate and supply DC electricity for those who go camping, spend an extended amount of time outdoors, and for back-up power when you need it most. No access to the utility grid required!

Our solar kits come equipped with:

-Solar panels, which absorb the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity
-A solar battery (optional) to store the generated electricity for future use
-A solar controller (comes with battery) to regulate and ensure the proper discharge and maintenance of the battery.



Connect to solar panels, easy to get energy

TV out format: NTSC/PAL selectable

Flash light and night vision white LED


3.0” LTPS display screen, Built in microphone

AAA Batteries(4x1.5v) or Lithium battery

support 16GB SDHC