Ecosource Energy Consulting Services




Ecosource Energy Consulting is a turnkey solution service, assisting you in cutting down your utility bills and leading you onto the “green path”.

With increasing demand from their European and North American clients to work with “green suppliers”, more and more Chinese manufacturers are putting green solutions on their agenda, from using eco-friendly materials to installing energy efficient equipment in their facilities.

The Chinese government is also making a substantial effort in energy saving initiatives and sustainable development. It has implemented a policy of cutting down utility usage of factories throughout the country by setting monthly energy consumption caps. If a factory does not manage their energy consumption efficiently, it is facing the risk of manufacturing suspension due to the utility cut-off. This is a key reason for Chinese factories to seriously consider alternative energy solutions.

Other EES clients include developers, architects, and hotel managers who are looking for energy efficient solutions but haven’t gathered the knowledge on available technologies, products and prices. We help them find the right solutions, customized to their constraints and requirements.

Our turnkey solution can be broken down into 4 sections:

  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Proposal on energy saving solutions
  • Recommendation of energy efficient equipment
  • Economic analysis of the project ROI


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