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•Optimized lighting quality and reduced power bills at an Art gallery

Art Labor moved to a larger space in 2010. Quality of lighting is critical when selling Art, yet power bills must remain in control.

Specified Ad Hoc LED light sources based on precise Lux and light temperature requirements

Managed procurement and installation

•Utility bills lowered by 50% despite of being set in a 3 times larger space.

•Visitors to the gallery appreciate the excellent color rendering of the pieces exposed







•Established control of power bills at a textile factory and set up on its way to sustainability

Wuxi Goodways, a Wuxi-based textile factory, was looking for solutions to control its energy bills while doubling its production capacity. It also wanted to address mounting pressures from Western clients about its sustainability practices.

Comprehensive energy audit of the building and recommendation of energy conservation solutions

•Specified Ad Hoc fluorescent light sources and electronic ballast based on precise light temperature and intensity requirements

Managed procurement and installation

•Lighting and hot water related savings of  USD4000 monthly

Better climate control has increased staff comfort and productivity

Wuxi Goodways is advancing towards sustainability certification






•Addressed sustainability issues at the remote construction/mining sites

Aden Services is a leading facility manager in China. They were looking for solutions to address the sustainability needs of their remote site clients.

•Customized technologies addressed to water heating, lighting and power issues.

Aden added a new ‘green’ component to its service offering.







•Specified lighting for a showroom of the fashion companies

•Procured and controlled the installation of the agreed lighting system to maximize energy savings

•Great color rendering and uniform light to optimize product presentation






New_Caledonia_Emblam New Caledonia

•Set up distribution of Air to Water Heat Pumps and Solar Water Heaters for multi-family projects in New Caledonia

•Semi-collective 1,000 liters solar water heating systems reduced heating related energy bill to zero for hundreds of people

•Reversible Air to Water Heat Pumps improved the climate control of residential buildings with annual energy savings estimated on average at 35%